Producing Branded Entertainment since 1991

Under the direction of Eric Kline, the company helps individuals and companies tell their stories in traditional media and the burgeoning online/digital landscape.
Two Heads Are Better Than One: Making of the Ben Ferencz Bust

Eric Kline Productions

Florida based Eric Kline Productions creates and produces scripted and non-scripted content for the global market. The company also provides production expertise to corporations and the burgeoning world of small business social media marketing.

The multi-media production company is headed up by veteran producer/director Eric Kline who has been creating professional content since 1991, producing north of 350 productions. Kline has worked with some of the biggest names in music, comedy, film and television including: Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Will Smith, New Edition, Diddy, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Denis Leary to name a few.

Over the last eight years, Eric Kline Productions has been a go to company in developing multi format reality shows, competition and docuseries sizzle reels. The company partners with ‘experts.’

Kline will help create the hook of a show with the expert/partner, then produce the all-important sizzle reel. This is the critical first step in displaying the promise of a show. To date Eric Kline Productions has been at the helm of more than ten sizzle reels and pilot episodes. Some of these are seen on the website. These include: Hair Boss, Save My Gym, For the H.I.P. with Doc Rob. Several other docuseries and reality shows are in development (with forthcoming sizzle reels in 2018) including “Who’s Your Caddy” (in partnership with golf pro Lee Koorse and actor/producer Mark Wahlberg), “10 Million Smiles” (with two-time Cancer survivor and author, Edward Rodriguez), “Sales Boss” (with Fortune 500/sales turnaround guru/Motivational speaker Victor Antonio) amongst others.

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